“The HUNT”

Thirsty for blood
Hungry for flesh,
He lurks in the dark
Masked by shadow
Concealed by the night
Searching, Stalking.
With his prey in sight
He gets ready to strike.
Stays low to the ground
That she won’t be roused,
Creeps ever closer
Crouches, waits…

Being the experienced predator that he is
He knows how to play
How to exploit this game!

She looks up, around
Sensing the danger afoot
Though she knows
He closely lurks
She will not run.
Yes, her fear
And thought of pain are real and great,
But they are overcome.
The thrill, the chase
The excitement, the passion…
That is all that she feels,
That is all that matters,
That is all that she wants!

And so begins The Hunt!

Sensing the time is right
He pounces
Making his final strike,
Now she has no place to escape!

Theirs is a forbidden
Primal, deadly affair…
But then again,
That is exactly
What makes it worth all the care!

Into her soft, tender flesh
Fangs and claws sink,
Deeper and deeper.
In this, their bloody ritual
She is the offering
And in this frenzy he feasts
He ravages
Down to her very soul.
Mouth still watering
Hunger still unending,
He admires this full course
Laid out in front of him.
The aroma, texture,
The euphoria!

He feels no shame
No remorse
And why would he.
Mayhap his heart
To stone has been cast,
An achievement of a seasoned predator.
Whatever it is
Does not matter,
Not here, not now!

Still she does not flee
Even through all he subjects her to
She won’t even scream,
She stays.
She only succumbs
Offers her all!
Mayhap she just wants to feel
If only this one time.
Be lost with him
In the passion, the ecstasy
Here and now!

This is the way of the game
The rules of the hunt.

Hunter, Hunted
He, She…
Both, all!
There is only the game
Only the hunt!
Hunter, Hunted
Pawns, victims…

Hunter, Hunted
Thus continues THE HUNT!



This is actually an old piece, much like most of the ones I have/will be putting up of late…

Though in my dusting it off and polishing, it struck more than a few chords (have to admit) . . . When this piece was written it was from an outside (perhaps even innocent) perspective, but who/what I am now has been a predator in his own right! Guess karma has a way of predicting some introspection.

I believe if you have lived, loved, hurt… you will understand this piece for what I think it was meant to be, perhaps even better.

Yep… Im a broken being. Go figure!  #PagesTornFromMyDementedMind



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