A Moment Entre Nous


I look into those soft, piercing eyes
Searching for a door left ajar
I open my mouth
A lone, silent breath
Is all that emerges
All that I dare allow to escape
My chords lacking the resolve
To orchestrate the vocals
My tongue and lips the courage
To utter them,
These very words…
I choke!

My eyes drop
My spirit falling rain
It breaks on the ground.
She can already feel me pull away
Back into the shadows from whence I came.

As my body shifts
Preparing to slip away
She grabs my arm
And forces our mutual gaze.
In that instance, I swear
We drift away
Into a moment of eternity
That slipped from Time’s hands
In that temporal, transient, eternal frame.

She looks right through me
Gazing at the portrait
Painted on my very soul
Reading all
That through my lips alone
Could never be told.

We snap back to the present
Eyes still locked in a violent grip
She moves closer
And pulls me in.
Like the perfect scene
On life’s silver screen
My lips meet hers
And Oh God…
They are a perfect fit!

Every sense of our being
Drowns in a frenzied fit
Of ecstatic bliss
No concept of space time
Words or rhyme
Bears any relevance nor importance
I am hers
And she is mine…

That moment
It came, stayed a while
Then went away
But life would never be the same
From that spark have erupted
These flames of passion
That now furiously burn
Within our heart.

For so long had I imagined such a moment
So many forms had it taken on my mind’s stage
So many times had I pictured us face to face
And through these very lips
Be uttered the heart-borne words
That would forever make her mine.
So long, so many
Yet as it had been rehearsed
This moment never came to pass.
But while lost in that instant
As she searched my soul
And I gazed in awe at hers,
I came to understand
That no words voiced from these lips
Could ever truly describe
This love that between us resides
That this love
Has no need for fancy words
Nor any mortal sound,
That words and verse
Cannot craft its image.
I understand now
That this love
Is above and beyond
My human comprehension,
That I need not make sense of
Nor define it.
It just is!

And while still in that moment
Content we linger
Cradled in each other’s arms
Entangled in each other’s souls

I am hers
She is mine…!


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