Still waters may indeed run deep

But Steel wanders ever deeper.

Many have fallen in quest noble

Some more notable,

To pierce and glimpse his iron core.

They should just stop and listen.

He is cold to first embrace,

But will not easily discard

What warmth upon him is bestowed.

He will cling and radiate with it.

Slow to reach boiling

For he knows better than any

The scorch of his molten rage poured out.

So in reclusion he will cool

Away from smoking earth and blood,

Away from inciting more harm.

His tongue is tipped on double edge

This he has learned very well.

Skilled in duels of love and war,

Its strike fast, sharp and without remorse.

For this he remains ever ‘en guard’

Lest they are pierced, those close to heart.

His breadth smooth to the caress

But his edge on careless flesh

Will split and tear.

In ignorant banter his serrated jaw

May part bone from bone.

His luster soothes and eases the heart

This same luster that glows in crimson sweat

Triumphant in the wake of his massacre.

His place is out

In fields and plains

Where conflict and battle

Is all that reigns.

He is without a sheath

Without a home,

He is a tool borne for purpose

That is all he must know.

Strength must he become,

Never yielding, never breaking.

His utmost offering being the self,

Always quick to be thrust

Against arrow, spear and blade alike.

Though his is the birthright of offence

He forsakes it all to protect.

He wears those wounds and pain

With glory and dedication

This is all he has known.

None know how deep

Those hollow-plated scars

Stretch beneath his armored smile.

He is strong,

He always smiles,

He is there when you need him,

He will make a plan,


This is all they need to know!


Warrior’s Confessions…

I have fought many a battle
I have the scars to show.
I have won many victories
My blade and shield have the marks to show.

I have never accepted defeat!

I am not afraid to let down my gaurd,
Drop my shield and sheath my blade
I closed the eyes in the back of my head
Coz now I only want to look ahead.

Ahead towards my lady
Ahead towards my destiny!

No, I am not weak
She made me stronger than i could ever be…

She is my defeat,