It stands on the summit

Of the cranium of Death,


A place none shall ever forget,

The site of History’s

Only Eternal monument.

Crimson tears escape His eye

this eye pierced by His thorned crown.

He shuffles forward

A heavy burden on His shoulders.

Exhaustion and dehydration

Beat furiously in His hunger-tattoed chest.

The gaping wounds on His back

Spew forth His innocent blood.

His face has been plundered

beyond any humane standard,

But His eyes tell the tale

Of a Peace unhindered.

His blood stains the soil,

In the Earth it carves a trail,

As up the hill He makes His way

His way to Death’s dining hall.

This blood trail

For us it still remains,

A marked route up this way

This way to Hope,

This way to Life!

Upon the summit no time do they waste

Quickly onto the cross of beams He is laid.

His wrists and feet

Into the rough wood are violently nailed.

They hoist Him up

This Messenger of Love

And proudly they stand back to admire

This Masterpiece of their sadistic art.

This Crucifixion ritual

Is the Eternal symbol

Of God’s Covenant Renewal.

Lightning and thunder

Tear the Heavens’ veil asunder

The very Earth shivers in terror.

He, Jesus,

Is left for dead!

His body,

Like rags, shredded.

His spirit

Beneath the World’s sin buried.

The penalty of Death

For All He has fully Paid!

Through His pain

We with God

Are made whole again…

*You died for Me

The least I can do

Is live for You…!*





He shuffles forward

The wooden burden heavy on his weakened shoulders,

With every feeble step

The dusty splinters dig deeper into his stripped back.

His ribbed silhouette

Bears testament to hunger and fatigue,

His split, chapped lips,

Swollen tongue and ashy throat

Testify to his Saharan thirst.

Through the crowded street he slithers

Armed escorts before and behind.

All eyes are unconsciously fixed

On his once human form,

All but His!


Up the hill he is driven

Humiliation and mockery the fuel.

Upon the summit

Quickly do they act,

Those ‘Masters of Pain’.

And on that beamed canvas

He is hastily laid,

With His flesh and blood

The masters paint their masterpiece.

He is hoisted up high

A glorious display of their sadistic art.

They stand back to take it all in,

Marvel in yet another complete masterpiece.


He is not the first,

Nor was He the last.

But upon that summit,

Calvaria, Golgotha,

The very cranium of Death,

His became the immortal monument

Of a love that was beyond Adamant.

And at that moment

As He breathed his last,

I searched deep . . .

Deep within those eyes,

Alight with a promise so strong, so pure

That even Death’s cloak could not extinguish!


.  .  . I searched . . .

And He found me!!


Rover-bot Phase 1: H-Bridge Motor Driver

Components:    – L298n full-bridge driver

                                – 1N4937 Diodes

                                – 100nF (104) Capacitors

                                – 7805 regulator

                                – Vero board

Task:      To build a motor driver circuit that will be used to control two 12V DC motors.

Purpose:              The control circuit will be used to move the rover-bot forward, in reverse, and turn either left or right. It will later be connected to a microcontroller, which will handle all the movement AI.

Objective:           The immediate objective is to be able to drive the motor/motors by manually switch the input signals to get the motor to spin forward and backward.

 Before started any soldering or even planning, I had to read up about all the major components I will be using, namely the L298n driver. I don’t know about anyone else but datasheets usually speak an extraterrestrial language to me, so I need more than just that. I always get a better understanding of anything if I see it in a practical application.

  After getting a basic idea of what to do I started my planning. I always make/use sockets for all my discrete IC components, partly because I’m not too confident with my soldering skills and just so that I can use them again. Plus it’s easier to replace just the one component instead of having to re-solder the entire circuit.

I decided to break down the circuit into sections. The L298n circuit on its own, and the actual h-bridge diode circuits separately as well. (Look at the pictures!)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I gave all my wires grace length just in case. It was a bit messy when I had to test it out, but since the final design of where and how my circuits will be mounted onto the rover-bot chassis hasn’t been decided yet, I put up with it. As soon as the design is sorted, I will have to shorten some, solder some down, and join some other wires.

All in all phase one wasn’t too much of a hassle, and it worked like a charm. Two thumps up for me 🙂